We offer storage tents. The maximum width is 10m, max. height - 4m. There is no maximum lenght. The construction is made of zinc steel profiles. The cover is made of high-quality materials, substance 680g/m2. It can be done in a number of colours or sheet metal on the sides, trapeze T14. It is a module construction and can be extended. It is also possible to insert sliding gates or industrial blinds.

Steel halls

We produce zinc steel halls. The max. width - 10m. There is no max. lenght or height. The halls have all the atests according to EU norms. Snow load starting at 0.85kN/m2, wind - 0.39kN/m2. The construction is made out of IPE steel wall and rooftop bolts type Z. Side and rooftop covers are made of layer boards with polystyrene or polyurethane cores; width from 5cm to 20cm. We also offer industrial gates.


The best option to seperate space is to use a curtain. This can be a roll curtain or sliding sideways. To our most demanding customers rails are more professional solution.